Kitchen Renovation ideas to reckon with

When it comes to home improvement, your kitchen needs a similar makeover as your living room or bedroom. After all, the way to happy stomach is routed through this space where delicious meals are cooked with love and affection for the closed ones.

Here are top reasons why people opt for kitchen remodelling.

  1. More space is required to keep things well-organised.
  2. Renew the look with a modern wardrobe.
  3. Ensure high ventilation, especially in Indian summers.

Let’s see how best we can achieve these:

Keep the kitchen cool with ventilation systems

Maximum heat and moisture accumulate in the kitchen.

  • Take window measurements and get it fixed at a suitable location to let natural light and air stream in.
  • If you have an open kitchen, install a window AC and keep it at medium temperature.
  • Install an electric chimney as close to the wall as possible to cover the entire cooking area and let it absorb heat and vent it out.
  • Fix an exhaust fan on the wall at the height of seven to eight feet. Nowadays, exhaust systems mounted inside the kitchen ceiling have also made way to Indian kitchens.
  • You can even use an exhaust system with sensors that get switched on automatically on detecting heat.
  • Use induction appliances as they produce less heat.

Shape it up with a work triangle

Fine tune the kitchen work triangle, which links the centres of the sink, refrigerator and cooktop. See to it that the sum of the three sides of the triangle goes till 26 feet only so that you can move freely between these main work areas in your kitchen. (1)

Get creative with Island kitchen 

  • Add cabinets to the island countertop for more storage space.
  • Turn it into an eating space by placing chairs and serve breakfast or dinner.

Be walkable in the walkways

An Island kitchen must have:

  • 36 inches wideness in walkways.
  • 42 inches wideness in aisles, the areas in front of appliances and sinks. (2)

Plan safe and easy storage

  • Have separate sections for utensils of different material like steel, glass or metal.
  • Make stand-alone drawers for spoons and knives and keep the latter out of children’s reach.
  • Store towels in a cabinet near the cleanup space.

Let built-in appliances save the space

Modern kitchens feature built-in hobs, ovens, and even refrigerators, which are fixed inside individual cabinets. Although they are not visible, they remain functional.


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Even the space under sink is usable

  • Store dish washing items like sponges, soap or liquid solution in a cabinet under the sink.
  • Place two bins here, one for reusable items like bottles, cans etc., and the other one for daily waste.

So, integrate these tips and design a comfortable cooking space on your own.

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